Zombie apocalypse takes over Footlights Bar & Grill.

Witnesses report the Zombie King and his horrific undead celebrity entourage have hijacked a sophisticated evening of refined entertainment, as terrified onlookers were helpless to intervene.
The ghastly scene inside reveals the trapped staff members are only able to avoid falling victims to the undead by providing the best possible entertainment, perfectly poured drinks, and service fit for a king.

As the evening continues, brave souls enter the midst of this undead nightmare, disguised as members of the King’s entourage to join the extravagant party within. They are the only ones who can possibly save the brains of those still living.

Local authorities are urging everyone over the age of 18 to get down there and have the time of your afterlife for the sake of those trapped.
Any brave souls willing to party in the name of all that is good just remember they must think you are one of them.
Dress appropriately, have a ball and there may even be a reward or two.

The lives of many young bar staff are at stake, please don’t let them down…